Refund Policy:

  1. The refund of funds deposited into the user's account is possible only in an exceptional manner at the discretion of the administration of the service.
  2. The minimum amount of an emergency refund of the deposited funds is $ 5, excluding the commission of the payment system.
  3. Complaints about the quality of the order are accepted within 48 hours from the moment the order is ready. Claims submitted after this period are not considered by the Service Administration.
  4. For a refund and filing a claim, you must contact Telegram:
  5. The term for consideration of the claim is 3 working days.
  6. The administration of the service has the right to refuse the Client to withdraw funds if the Client uses other cheat services simultaneously with the SMM-1 resource.
  7. If it is impossible to fulfill the order, the status is set to '' Canceled ''. The paid amount is automatically returned to the Client's balance.